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10 Ways To Manage Stress - Part I

Do you feel stress? How can you better manage your stress then? Read this article to find out more!

As mentioned in the previous articles, stress is part and parcel of life, regardless of whatever stage of life you are at, stress is simply unavoidable. However, there is a varying spectrum of stress and as with all things, extreme ends of the spectrum are undesirable. Likewise, too much stress can lead to many unwanted consequences which include anxiety and possibly depression. So, how should we manage stress? Here are 10 ways in which we can manage stress.

1. Get organised

I would say that the most important thing in reducing stress is by staying organised. Organisation can come in many forms, be it planning out your day or tidying up one’s room. Planning out your day can be an effective way of dealing with stress because it provides a guide for action. With clear goals set for the day, people are more likely to be motivated and committed because they know what to work towards instead of working aimlessly. Besides that, organising your room will help with work efficiency because…well, who doesn’t like working in a clean and conducive environment?

2. Reflecting

Reflection may not yet be in your daily routine, but it may be helpful in reducing stress. Sometimes, we may be too caught up in our negative emotions to register everything happening. Hence, daily reflections give us some private time to slow down and look back on the day calmly. You might realise that there are many small things to be grateful for and that your predicament may not be as bad as it seems.

3. Embrace support

There’s a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Life is like an ultra-marathon, and in this marathon, we need support. We may be great on our own, but we would be even better with the support of those around us. So when someone offers you a helping hand, don’t reject them because you think getting help is shameful. Instead, embrace their help and do life the best way possible.

4. Hanging out with people you are comfortable with

Closely related to point 3, our family and friends are important factors in our lives because they are people we should be able to go to when we need help, be it needing someone as a listening ear or someone to lean on. However, it would be pretty hard to establish such closely bonded relationships with people we are not comfortable with. This is because, when we socialize with people whom we are not comfortable with, it is human nature to put up a front, as a form of protection. It is hard to be truthful and open up to people we do not trust. In fact, it may even lead to more stress, so remember to hang out with people you feel safe with.

5. Exercise

Exercise can help us in many ways, one of which is definitely making us feel good. During exercise, our body releases endorphin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and central nervous system. This hormone acts on the opiate receptors in your brain, increasing feelings of pleasure and well-being. It also helps to reduce discomfort and pain. Thus, to feel good, you should become best buddies with endorphin and the best way to do that is through exercise.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, do try to incorporate these tips into your routine. You can start small and progress from there. However, it is important to know that nothing is a miracle and it takes constant effort for these to take significant effect. In the next article, we will be discussing the next 5 ways of managing stress.

Done By: Alexis Lee

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