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Events and Workshops


Previously Held Events and Workshops

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Life After PSLE Workshop

This workshop covered on the educational routes after PSLE and factors to consider when the students received their PSLE results. 

05 November 2021

Money Management and Financial Planning Workshop

03 December 2021

This talk aims to enable participants to set S.M.A.R.T. financial goals and develop a budget by tracking their spending. They will also understand their spending patterns and learn how to reduce expenses. 

Some Useful Resources: 
Tools (e.g. Effective Interest Rate Calculator, Budget Spreadsheet): 

E-Learning Videos regarding Financial Planning:

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Book Drive 2021

27 November, 28 November, 04 December and 05 December 2021

The Book Drive was organised to help gather resources for our Heart-To-Heart Consultation Sessions. A total of over 1700 books were collected. 

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Life After Secondary School 2022

14 to 22 March 2022

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Teleschope to provide mentoring support for our students, teaching them about the life after secondary school pathways. This includes junior college, polytechnic and ITE. Mentors from the different pathways also helped to provide this mentoring support.

Check out Teleschope's page here!

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Mindfulness Mental Health Workshop 

18 March 2022

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with BackToGround Zero, to teach primary school children about emotional recognition and mindfulness. During the session, the students discussed situations that make them happy, sad, etc. Interactive methods like colouring were also used. 

Check out BackToGround Zero page here!

Feedback From External Partners

It was a pleasure working with Rental Hearts to help their beneficiaries learn more about Dyslexia. The team's mission in helping children who might slip through the cracks is admirable, as is their dedication to doing the best they can despite having busy schedules themselves. Keep up the good work!

Shaun Low
Principal Educational Therapist,
Swords and Stationery, Partner for Our Life After PSLE Workshop

It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Rental Hearts on providing unbiased Financial Literacy Talk - Budgeting for the community. We hope that through this talk, participants now have the knowledge to better manage their finances.

Institute For Financial Literacy

Feedback From Workshop Attendees

The Life After PSLE workshop has effectively aided my learning and I would recommend this workshop to others. 

- Rainiern

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