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A Day In The Life Of A Medicine Student

Wonder what is the Medicine sector like? Hear from your seniors now! Today, we have Nicholas sharing with us on his experiences in the Medicine industry!

Hi! I’m Nicholas and I’m a year 3 medical student from NTU. To me, studying medicine is a privilege because when we graduate, patients will put their wholehearted trust in us to take good care of their health. I believe it will be immensely satisfying to make a real difference every day!

Studying medicine is no easy feat. There is an endless barrage of knowledge but just not enough time. Inevitably, sacrifices must be made sometimes – less time on Netflix, fewer outings with friends/family, etc. The decision to study medicine is often a career choice and a commitment to do your very best.

Medical school is split into pre-clinical years (1-2) and clinical years (3-5). Pre-clinical years are the building blocks of our medical knowledge. In NTU, we have team-based learning (TBL) sessions. Before TBL, students will read up about a particular subject. During TBL, students are grouped into teams to discuss and learn. Also, we have anatomy classes where structures of the different organs & body parts are taught through specimens. Lastly, we have clinical classes where we pick up the skill of communicating with patients, examining them & doing simple medical procedures.

A study trick that I would like to share is to always understand your weakness and tackle it. To find your weakness, you can use homework or test papers as a gauge. Try to see which topics you encounter more difficulties in and answer wrongly more often. I then recommend you revise and do as many topical questions as possible related to it before attempting full-length practice papers. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it will make better! Good luck!

Written By: Nicholas Lee

Edited By: Alexis Lee

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