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Day In The Life Of A Bioengineering and Business Student

Wonder what is life of a Bioengineering and Business student? Hear from your seniors now! Today, we have Deandra sharing with us on her experiences in both fields!

Hi! I'm Deandra, studying in NTU, Bioengineering with a Second Major in Business. Since I was young, i've always wanted to work in the healthcare sector and wanted to be a doctor. However, during my International Baccalaureate program, I realised I was very interested in research, especially in the biomedical field. Bioengineering is a wonderful course as it is a stepping stone to not only careers in healthcare, but also food or environment related sectors as well. The environment at NTU SCBE (School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering) is one of the best and I have met some of my best friends here. Everyone is very friendly, and seniors are super approachable as well, whom I became closer to during the orientation, even if it was over Zoom (being a year where COVID is still prevalent).

My decision to do a double major was because at the start, I was unsure if I wanted to have a career in private companies or to pursue academic research, taking the PhD route. Throughout the year, I've found myself more interested in the PhD route. However, I do not regret taking business as well as it allows me a vast knowledge on the theories on how business works, which is applicable in any job in every sector. For example, even if I were to be an academic researcher, I would need to know the skills on how to market my research ideas to obtain grants.

Doing a double major course however, is very academically daunting and it might be hard to juggle both school and social life as well. However, as long as you prioritise right and ensure that you attend lectures and do tutorials consistently, learning is fun and exams will be much more manageable. All the best to all future Bioengineers and Business students out there! It will be hard but with it gets tough, the tough gets going :)

Done By: Deandra Limandibhrata

Edited By: Tan Hui Ling

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