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Day In The Life Of A Business Management Student

Wonder what is life of a Business Management student? Hear from your seniors now! Today, we have Shubhi sharing with us on her experiences in Business!

My experiences were a mix of good and bad, but learning was constant. The most important thing I learned was how to deal with people effectively, which will stay with me throughout my life. I studied business management, and to be honest, a major con was that there were so many people from so many different backgrounds, that after a point it became quite overwhelming and difficult to adjust as it was a lot of cultural differences and hard to bring a common unity. Though Business Management is such a diverse field where I learned things varying from data analysis to HR to accounting and economics. I was from an Arts background so for me everything was about learning from scratch! Eventually, I learned to adjust.

My typical day would include leaving my hostel, walking to SMU, grabbing bubble tea from R&B and going for my 3-hour lectures before finally going back home after lunch. In between, there would be my friends I'd hang out with, clear my doubts, procrastinate together in SMU halls!

An important study tip would be to not focus on others. When you're competing, in a culturally diverse place with people of all ages and from different walks of life, you tend to get distracted because you no longer have a common base to get along on. Focus on yourself, your goals, ambitions and compare less with others. Focus on how much YOU have done because your grades are the ones that matter. Apart from this, don't be worried! As long as you're focused on your dreams, you'll do great. That is exactly how I managed! I was so vulnerable, I was not used to meeting people who were not Indians because I had never lived abroad alone! I had a really hard time, but of course, I eventually learned and made a bunch of great friends! I would have regretted not meeting them :) So step out of your comfort zone, that is how you will learn! And I am confident you will! 💪

Done By: Shubhangi Pathak

Edited By: Alexis Lee

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