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Day In The Life of A Psychology and Linguistics Student

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Wonder what are the psychology and linguistics faculties like? Hear from your seniors now! Today, we have Wei Yi sharing with us on her experiences in the Psychology and Linguistics Faculties!

Hello! I am Wei Yi from 2 different faculties in NTU as I major in both Psychology and Linguistics. However, my majors, in general, are very academic with lots of readings and theories, quite different from more practical/application based majors like engineering. Taking any double major can be stressful in terms of coping and having to remember 2 very different types of information. However, the interesting part is where this information cross-talk (e.g. neurolinguistics for me). We just have to be prepared that it takes a while to cope!

In general, there are lots of discussions especially for readings-based classes, not so much for classes like statistics. After class, sometimes we stay back to chat with professors, who are mostly very approachable and friendly! We also have many talks or seminars from speakers outside of school which is cool. At the end of the day, we are just hiding somewhere in the library, trying to finish readings and do assignments :’)

The best study tip would be to cultivate self-discipline. If you have it, the most popular study techniques would work. You need to learn how to settle down and focus, as well as rid your life of toxicity and nonsense that doesn’t deserve your attention!! One life tip is to know that whatever path you’re on, many opportunities are present. Basically what you’re doing now doesn’t matter as long as you work hard and open doors for yourself! Do what you can do and control only what you can control :)

Done By: Liu Wei Yi

Edited By: Alexis Lee

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