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Day In The Life Of An Economics Student

Wonder what is life of a Economics student? Hear from your seniors now! Today, we have Anusha sharing with us on her experiences in the faculty!

Hello! I'm Anusha, a year 2 student, pursuing a degree in Economics at SMU. As many people may know, SMU tends to place a lot of emphasis on class participation and we have a seminar-based pedagogy instead of lectures. If you are someone who is intrigued by how economics, backed by mathematical theories and formulas, can quantify social behaviours, then SMU Economics is the perfect place for you (a lot of math is involved, so be ready to be practising every day).

A day in my life in SMU would be me firstly grabbing my favourite $1.30 kopi / teh peng from SMU’s koufu and then heading towards class. After class, I would either eat my lunch or dinner at various food areas located in and outside (walking distance) of SMU. Fun fact - there is a place near SMU selling 15 dumplings for $4 (I know what a steal!!).

I would say if you are planning to come to SMU, come with an open mind and everything will be fine! Even if you are a shy person or an introvert, SMU will be the perfect place to help you hone your skills for the future and help you speak up in a safe environment so there is nothing to worry about. Studying wise, there are many study areas where you can either study with your friends or study alone depending on your preference. For math modules especially, I would say practice is the key! All the best everyone and feel free to ask me any other questions if you have about SMU Economics or SMU in general!!

Done By: Anusha

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