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  • Alexis Lee

Lending a Helping Hand

Everyone is going through something in their lives right now, no matter how big or small, it is still contributing to a certain level of stress. So how could we better support our friends or loved ones? Here, we will explore some ways in which we can show our family and friends some support and help them through their tough times!

1. Show that you care

If you ever find a friend who seems particularly down or just not being themselves, that is a sign to show them some care. Sometimes, when one is going through a tough time, they may need some mental support. In such cases, showing some concern and care may go a long way.

Showing care is simple. It can be in the form of a card - letting them know that there will always be someone they can lean on, or words of advice to give them the strength they need or reassurance that they will be able to get through whatever they are going through. For parents, it could also be assuring them that you love them dearly and they are never a burden to you and starting conversations by telling them you are concerned no matter how busy you are. Although simple, things like these can go a long way because they now know they are not alone in this battle and that there are people looking out for them. It gives them the motivation to continue, stronger than ever.

2. Listen

Stress levels can skyrocket when one's emotions get bottled up, with no way of venting their frustrations. Hence, it is essential that we always lend them a listening ear, acting as an outlet for them to let out their emotions. Not only are they able to vent their emotions, it is extremely comforting knowing that someone is there to actually listen to their difficulties. It just makes people feel better in some indescribable way. Additionally, lending a listening ear means we get to understand their struggles, making it easier for us to help them.

However, it is key that when we listen, we REALLY listen. Don’t sit there stoning while pretending to listen, or be distracted by your surroundings. This is because stress could take a turn for the worse, and such heart to heart talks are when we could pick up cues of early stages of anxiety or stress.

If you were to find someone in need of emotional support or facing suicide risk, there are a couple of helplines in Singapore. One such example is Samaritans of Singapore, who operate a 24-hour hotline for those who need help. The other helplines are listed below.

  • Institute of Mental Health

  • National CARE Hotline

  • Care Corner Counselling Centre

  • Tinkle Friend Helpline

  • Help 123 Cyber Wellness Hotline

  • TOUCHline

  • Hear4U

  • Singapore Silver Line by AIC

Written By: Alexis Lee

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