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Upgrade Yourself With These On-Demand Softwares - Part 4

In the last part to this series, we will provide you with a list of software that is extremely relevant in today’s society. Take charge of your learning, and help unleash a better version of yourself now!

What better way to spend your #StayHome days to improve your professional skill sets, am I right? Whether you’re in school or working, in the last of these 4-part series, it is essential and useful that you learn to use these 2 collaborative platforms - Google Suite & Microsoft Office.

1. Google Suite

I am sure many know of various applications available under Google Suite - including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Meet etc. These platforms have allowed us to collaborate in real-time with our friends, proving useful to help us coordinate projects.

Some Tools that are less frequently used but are available on Google Suite:

Google Calendar:

  • Used for scheduling calls with clients and setting due dates.

  • You can also use it to plan revision timetables!

Example of a revision timetable

  • Best of all, Google Calendar can also serve as your personal secretary, reminding you of your various deadlines!

Google Keep:

  • Evernote alternative

  • Create a to-do list, notes and set reminders to stay on track

Google Hangouts

  • Used as an alternative to skype or zoom

  • You can join meetings directly from calendar events, making the process more seamless.

2. Microsoft Office

I am sure everyone reading this article would have used Microsoft Office at least once during their life.

However, fewer of us are aware of Microsoft 365 - which is a collaborative software that has unlocked modern ways of working. Whether you’re using a laptop or your mobile device, you can easily attend meetings online, share office files, co-author in real-time, and be productive from anywhere.

Using this software, you can collaborate with selected peers and/or collaborate as a team. The data will be stored in a safe and secured cloud, making it an extremely reliable tool to use. In addition, information is almost available in real-time, therefore, it would be just as if your group mates or teammates are just beside you!

To use these remote working tools, you can share your documents via Onedrive or Sharepoint.

Take charge of your own learning and be digitally ready now!

What do you think of the tools that we have suggested? Leave your comments below!

Written By: Tan Hui Ling

Edited by: Alexis Lee

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